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Documentary: One off 90′


We follow Tony’s journey to success while we meet a very complete circus. From his father Fiore, struggling to get back his life, to his cousin Paolo that looks identical to Tony and lives in his shadow. Then Tony’s helpers, from his boxing trainer Shambala, to his “personal jesus” friend UncleJenny, whose pilgrimage to Rome with a 40kg wooden cross has changed his life, to a whole crew of misfits and outcasts that have repented their past life trying to gain a seat in paradise.

A complete trip to an underground Italy, filled with music, streets and search for success.

Will Tony make it? It will depend on how hard will his enemies hit him when he’ll put off his head from the ground this time. In the past they attacked his family and ethnic origins, now they’re attacking him with their hate on the web. 

And then there’s music.

He is only 11, will he have broad enough shoulders not to give up?


Documentary: One off 90′

DIRECTOR: Gianluca Orrù
Production: Tekla
Producer: Gianluca De Angelis
Status: Development
Expected Delivery: September 2021