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Documentary: One off 70′


Where is the memory of the past ?
In a place only apparently static, an ending place, where to mourn, in a cemetery.
A place that, however, can represent a living space, capable of opening up to a series of considerations about the present and the role of memory in today’s public debate. Futapass aims to address the issue of maintaining historical memory starting from the observation and exploration of an extremely peculiar place. The Germanic cemetery of Futa, located between Bologna and Florence, is the largest german military cemetery in Italy. Below the surface, the bodies of over 30,000 soldiers who fell on Italian soil during the Second World War are buried.


Documentary: One off 70′

DIRECTOR: Alberto Gemmi 
AUTHOR: Alberto Gemmi
Executive Producer: Mattia Puleo
Art director: Claudio Zecchi
Production: Tekla Films, Zid films
Status: Development