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Documentary: One off 90′


An 11 years old gipsy trap singer faces his father’s arrest and hordes of haters for the sake of popularity. With the help of his face-tattooed gang he’s getting back what belongs to him, training and growing to be the king of trap music in Italy.


Tony lives the life of a gypsy kid in a Roma camp in the outskirts of Milan. His popularity skyrocketed when he released a hardcore rap song, which aroused the italian public opinion and led the former Interior Ministry Matteo Salvini, leader of an extreme right party, to call for the kid to be held by the Social Service. Ultimately his huge popularity (10 million views on Youtube in 3 weeks) led his father Fiore to jail for 2 years. Since then Tony has been regretting, but now that his dad finished his punishment, he decides to start back his career with his help.Eventually he signs a contract with a music label, while training to fight against the harshness of life with his coach Shambala, a former drug dealer, and learning how to use his fame for good actions with his Personal Jesus UncleJenny.Living in this kind of world, toughens him up. He’s got help though, plastically impersonated by a bunch of ex-con and their bling ring jewels, sad backstories and tattoos. The time comes to put in use his fame and talent though. Shambala is in need of some money to build up a school of fighting to get poor youngsters off the streets, so calls up Tony for some help. The gypsy gang, along with its leader Tony, step up to arrange for a huge benefit concert, plenty of heavy names in the rap industry, which will eventually lead to Tony’s appointment as a rising star in the rap game. Solved Shambala’s problems, Tony is greeted by UncleJenny, which is about to leave for another pilgrimage with its huge wooden cross. After this last lesson, Tony writes down another song, the first for his new upcoming album.


Documentary: One off 90′

DIRECTOR: Gianluca Orrù
Production: Tekla Films (ITA), Illégitime Defénse (FRA)
Producer: Gianluca De Angelis, Arnaud Xainte

Partners: First Hand Films (distribution), Esodoc (development training)
Status: Development
Expected Delivery: Winter 2022